This episode six of: May African Traditional Sports record wonderful breakthroughs in this 2020 – 2030 decade will feature the paper presented exactly twenty years ago dealing with modern techniques in two major indigenous seed games from Africa: AYO and AFRICAN BILLIARDS
See it as follows:


This paper presented 20years ago for the internal consumption of Nigerians on Nigerian African Traditional Sports has now moved up to go international through

The view of the writer of the paper twenty years ago reflects his patriotic stand to his country, Nigeria and passion for the African Continent Indigenous Sports. Now that has been done in essence it is to modernize African Traditional Sports.

This is one of the major duties of the continental body, to modernize our African Traditional Sports. All our Traditional Sports in Africa must be visited in order to infuse new ideas that will make them move up and forward in growth and development of the sports and games.

Yes, those that are very knowledgeable highly experienced on the sports and games should be involved in updating the sports and games. Such people also must have fertile minds that will make the sports and games to go to the next level of development like football moved finally from haperstum to modern football in London in 1863 when the Rules of Association Football were established.

Traditional Sports Federation of Nigeria has done a lot of work in transforming the six major Traditional Sports in her Rule Book. This is a good example for other Traditional Sports Federations in all the countries in this our African continent to work seriously to modernize their sports in order to make them more interesting, very modern very attractive, with greater equity and beauty.

Every sports that is living will continue to grow and develop. Even through it uniqueness will be retained, new ideas will continue to emerge to further improve the sports e.g the recent idea of Video Assistant Referee in football (VAR).

Our sports should have their basic standard upon which the continental body on African Traditional Sports should leverage to take the sports to the right level.

Thank you.

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